Vision: Our vision is a world in which the communities we serve have the capacity to sustainably meet their basic human needs, and that our members have enriched global perspectives through the innovative professional educational opportunities that the EWB-USA program provides.

Mission: EWB-USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders.

EWB 2nd Annual Fundraising Dinner and Auction

THE DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED! The dinner will now be held on the 15th of February rather than November 12th.

Please join us for a pleasant, informative, and fun evening in the Ensminger Pavilion for EWB's second annual fundraising dinner. We will be serving amazing food from our local restaurant South Fork as well as hosting an auction.

To Purchase your tickets, click on the link below:

Fundraising Dinner - February 23rd

Register by February 16th at:

Our team would love for you to join us for a night of learning about sustainable engineering in developing countries, especially the Zapote community in Panama that we have partnered with. This unique culture is in dire need of reliable and clean water; their community is struggling for survival.


Engineers Without Borders at WSU is operated by volunteers and funded by a mix of private donors, industry donors, and grants. Thank you to all of our project supporters!

  • Bonneville Power Administration- $2000 to the Renewable Energy Project (2010)
  • Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering - $3000 to the Bridge Project (2011)
  • Flatiron Construction University Program Grant - $2500 to the Bridge Project (2011)
  • Puget Sound Energy - $6000 to the Renewable Energy Project (2010)

Wind Turbine Tower Testing

Wind Turbine Tower Testing

The Structures Team for the Renewable Energy Project tests the wind turbine tower during their Friday meeting. The tower features a tilt-up design with a pivot point 6 feet off the ground. This way the wind turbine can be easily raised and lowered for installation and maintenance.

If you would like to learn more about the structures team, e-mail Kevin Gowan at or stop by Dana 37 at 4PM on Fridays.

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