April 23, 2019

Water Quality Project

EWB@WSU is analyzing a reservoir adjacent to a retirement community in the Spokane area for the purpose of re-mediating recent pollution increases that have driven wildlife from the reservoir. This reservoir serves as part of a recreational trail for residents of the Good Samaritan retirement community in Spokane Valley, and has been a stopping place for migratory birds and other animals in the past until recently when algae levels grew considerably. The intent of this project is to, through testing, gain a better understanding of what is causing the exponential increase in algae growth and to discern a method of bringing the levels back down to a healthy condition.

Project Scope and Benefits:
Through this project, WSU students gain hands-on experience with water quality testing methods while improving their understanding of related water conditions with each of the water quality parameters tested. When adequate data has been obtained, students will work to layout a plan for controlling the algae in this reservoir in the future to maintain not only a healthy area for wildlife to inhabit but also a more enjoyable area for nearby residents.